What do we do?

We do fabulous content. The end. We put our heart, collective soul and experience into leveraging your brand through authentic, engaging and inspiring content. As a full-service film production and digital communications agency, we merge great communications ideas with exceptional content and relevant people to create impactful campaigns.
Zooxel has an unmatched understanding of how to create content that pulls at diverse audiences – and unique tools to help disseminate content globally and measure its impact on your brand.
Most of all, we're results-focused, learning from everything we do.

Core specialties include:

If it’s content, Zooxel can manage it seamlessly – from conception, to creation, to execution.

Film Production
Our in-house team script, film, produce and edit high-quality, distinctive and innovative HD quality films in minimum time and with minimum fuss.
News stories and images
We develop bespoke advertorial content using talented journalists, photographers and creative storytellers.
Zooxel Content Hub
An innovative web-based platform designed to attract online browsers with rich and relevant content that keeps them engaged and entertained.
Digital Banners
We design and produce digital banners and video banners that are multi-format and work across all platforms.
Social Media
From strategy & content development to seeding & amplification, we support our clients social media platforms that can feed into a bespoke content hub.

Be sure to keep checking back at zooxel.com. Our team of tech-heads is perpetually coming up with new ideas to better engage with people online. It’s what we do. It’s what we love.
Contact us at info@zooxel.com or simply call on +971 55 864 9914 to discuss your specific requirements.
Or if you’d simply like to have a chat with us about life, love and the ‘next big thing’, we’re up for that too. We’d like to hear from you.



Why create content?

Content marketing is more than great story telling, it’s a critical success driver for your brand. What is great content? You’ll know it when you see it. It’s real. It speaks to you in a way that is authentic, engaging and useful. When you provide great content, you add value. Pure and simple. When you show that respect your reader’s time by providing valuable, useful content, they’ll return that loyalty back to you tenfold. For example, a well-written, thought provoking article will appreciate in value by gaining momentum through search engine rankings and incremental exposure through social channels – as more and more people see the content and engage with it, they’ll be inclined to share it of their own volition. Unlike advertising, authentic, inspiring content reaches into the heart of the reader and aligns your brand in a positive, non-intrusive, value-added light. Content fuels the web, social engagement, interest and loyalty. Ultimately, content marketing drives your brand and bottom line.

How do you engage your readers?

Content. The facts.

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